a Percussion Discussion

why drum lessons?

OK… I’ve seen your type at a traffic light, car swayin’ back and forth playing air drums with your favorite band. Then that “BIG FILL” comes and the light changes, horns reminding you to start driving and put down the air sticks. You know all the fills to “YyZ” and play them along with Neil in the air at the RUSH concert. You own the fill that Bonham plays to introduce the drum attitude in “Stairway to Heaven”. So come on… Admit it! Drums run in your veins and you’re not alone. Not a surprise since it’s the second oldest instrument on Mother Earth at 40,000 years. I believe deep down in our DNA that everyone is a drummer. So when are you gonna make the jump to the real deal? The difference is like dancing alone in your room and actually going to a club and getting down. Your “Fun Factor” will go to eleven!

There is so many styles of drums to chose from: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, African Drum Circles… The list is long. So what do you like to do with your drums? Meet new people? Drum circles or Samba classes would be great. Drumset? There are hundreds of willing musicians on your iPod to play with or Rock Camps to play intensive tunes with a band for a week. You used to play in the highschool percussion section and have noticed a Community Band at the local Junior College. Whatever your pursuit, you will need proper instruction to achieve your goals.

The most important thing about learning to play drums is appropriate instruction. It’s like going to dinner. You wouldn’t order the pasta at a Burger joint and  you wouldn’t even think about ordering fish at the chicken shack. Order the strength of the restaurants theme. If you go to Outback, it’s steak baby! You need a teacher who is trained and credentialed to teach you how to do it right. Not only does your teacher need to have the music in his body and soul, they need to be able to teach or communicate that concept. It is a talent to be able to help you grow and develop to your potential.

There are many ways to learn with books, DVD’s and online courses but the fastest and most effective way is private lessons. The overriding benefit from personal instruction is the interaction between the student and teacher. Having a watchful eye to correct mechanics by a expert is priceless. If you are confused by a drum part, the teacher can show you how it’s written out and how you should look when you play it.  Having the lesson plan tailored to your learning style… your brain, desires and abilities infinitely increases the value of the lesson.

So when will YOU, Mr. Air Drummer, start on the path of drum?


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