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Live 105’s BFD concert at Shoreline 2011 this Sunday

Hey there drum fans. I always say that going to a concert is like taking a lesson. If you walk away learning one thing it is worth the ticket price. The great thing about the Live 105’s BFD Concert is that there are 20 plus bands… Between the Budlight Festival Stage, the Local Stage and the Main Stage┬ámeaning 20 plus drummers to learn from! The Budlight Festival Stage is really two stages and is for the up and coming bands in the industry. While one band sets up, the other band plays. When the last note is played by the band on stage one, the other band starts on stage two. I love it! No down time! In 2010 “The Dirty Heads” and “Fly Leaf” tore up the Budlight Festival Stage. The Main Stage is well known bands. If you’re into DJ’s, the Subsonic Tent is for you with 13 plus DJ’s. The Local Band Stage is great featuring local bands to get inspiration from. No matter what musical styles you like, you will find a band worth listening to at BFD. Heck! If you don’t like the band playing at one stage, you can go to another stage. Who knows? You may find your new favorite band at BFD 2011. See ya there!