a Percussion Discussion



Hi! My name is Jim Lemons and I’ve been teaching drums and percussion around the bay for 34 years. 30 of those years have been right here in the Palo Alto and Menlo Park area. I am a percussion specialist for the Palo Alto School District since 1999 and have been an artist in residence for the Menlo Atherton School District specializing in jazz. I believe that my experience as a Dad, a youth sports coach for 27 different youth teams and a Cub Scout leader have made me a much more dynamic and experienced teacher. Ultimately, I am able to reach the student at their own level with their best interests at heart.


I have been playing drumset and percussion professionally for 37 years, both live and in recordings in the Bay Area and abroad. All styles of music thrill me as long as it is good music, whether it’s blues, rock, jazz, classical, musicals. I’ve been fortunate to perform in jazz festivals, orchestra festivals, operas, musicals, clubs and private events. I have also recorded live and programmed drums on jingles, TV and radio commercials, album projects and corporate videos. My drums are heard at Arco Arena every night during the health club commercial.


I have a dual performance degree from San Jose Sate University in both Jazz and Orchestral Percussion that enables me to teach beginners thru advanced players performance techniques that will lead them to their goals. I want the student to play drums for a lifetime, even if it’s just for a band that gets together and jams once a week or a community orchestra. Some of my students have become music majors in college and are on their way to becoming professional musicians!

To contact me, call me at 650-380-1479 or email me at jimmydrums@rocketmail.com


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